Tuesday, 5 February 2013

MAIL ON SUNDAY: Report was skewed, biased and lacked research!

So, the traditional pub could soon be a coffee shop.(which also sells alcohol) Last orders for pubs, eh! Forget the pint, we are all going to go for a cappuccino!

Yes, you have heard this correctly.(Briggsy is not going bonkers!) This being headlined in the Mail on Sunday, in relation to a report on the increasing popularity of the coffee shops.

Basically, the report was implying that one day pubs will be extinct and we will only be left with one choice. To have our pint in a coffee house!

The report was 'hell bent' on highlighting only the negatives of the British pub. The number of pub's closing, for example.

It showed a picture of an empty bar area, sarcastically suggesting, that figures had shown more people were drinking coffee in pubs, than in coffee shops.

The report quoted some astonishing opinions. For example: Pubs often  don't have glass fronts like coffee shops, that show they are open. 

In other words, maybe suggesting some pub goers must be visually impaired! That they may struggle to tell if it's open or closed.

Deluded opinion, in the extreme! Look, if a pub door is closed, the boozer is shut. If the door/doors are open....It's open for business!

 Think we can work that one out....duh! Glass frontage! What you bleating on about?

It got better.(well worse) Another bonkers quote was: '' Coffee shops tend to be a quiet, civilised environment and people tend to be responsible, in a way that they aren't about alcohol''.

Err....So you are implying pubs and pub goers are uncivilised and irresponsible, eh? Certainly sounded like it.

You can see why I am of the opinion that the report was skewed, biased and lacked proper research.

No mention of the rapid increase in microbreweries, in order to cope with the ever increasing demand in our pubs, for cask ale. 

Oh sorry, how silly and forgetful of me. All this demand will be  of no consequence. Pubs will soon become coffee shops. Of course, 'this fact' had temporarily been erased from my memory bank!

 So, in conclusion my fellow beer drinkers, you have been warned. It will soon be last orders for our traditional, local boozer! Forget your pint, they are saying. Or implying! (who are they?) 
Aye, just think, we will be soon be off down t' Starbucks Arms or even popping into 'Wetherspoons, in conjunction with Costa Coffee'! 

Bollocks! Never gonna  happen.....Report was just a patronising, condescending, blinkered and inaccurate ramble.

Pubs will never become a 'Coffee Republic'!

 In my humble opinion.