Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Well, the hated beer duty escalator has been ditched. Jettisoned and booted into the sidings.

Rejoice and celebrate most will say. Yes, it is a step in the right direction. Along with a one pence cut in tax from Sunday evening. 

Welcome news indeed for beer drinkers, publicans and the UK Beer Industry in general.

However, the flip side is, too little too late! A whopping 42% increase in beer duty since 2008, resulting in a one pound coin of the realm now being trousered in tax, for every £3 pint you sup!

Others will point to all the pub closures since 2008 and all those who have lost their livelihoods.

That said, I feel it is a job well done by all the cross-party MP's who have worked tirelessly to get this hated levy scrapped.

It is perhaps a little unfair to single out certain honourable members. However, I feel obliged to highlight the sterling work done by Greg Mulholland(right), the Leeds North MP. And the Burton elected member, Andrew Griffiths.(below)

Non stop 'tub thumping' in the House of Commons by these two stalwarts, have certainly reaped dividends for the beer industry and drinkers alike.

Just a pity that Alistair Darling did not listen to respected and educated members of the beer trade AND cross-party MP's, before applying the levy in 2008.

I had been saying it for yonks on this blog, on twitter, on facebook and down the boozer, that the justification for £35 million quid tax revenue a year, was non existent!

It did not take a financial expert to tell you that lost revenue through pub closures and job losses, as a result of the escalator, far outweighed a paltry £35 million quid a year for HM Treasury.

It was a bonkers levy from the outset. Ill thought out, no proper consultation with the beer industry and having a blunderbuss mentality in implementing it!      

So, in conclusion, a positive move to a degree. The beer duty escalator has been finally incinerated. Its ashes scattered over the garden of bad remembrance!

   R.I.P to the levy. You will not be missed.