Tuesday, 26 March 2013


There's a geezer up north, who has caused quite a rumpus at his boozer recently, after deciding to 'discriminate' against non-regular visitors to his pub!

Step forward, licensee, Jim Hardie of the Blue Bell, in the historic city of York. 

Not so jolly Jim has been portrayed as a 'grumpy landlord' in a national newspaper, for staging 'locals only' nights.

Now, I do have to say it raised quite a titter on reading Jim's reasons for holding these nights. And even more laughter after I had read some of his comments!

It looked like Jim had got fed up with a certain type of customer frequenting his boozer, and simply wanted to look after his own regulars on a chosen day/night of the week.

He had described a certain section of his clientele as 'weirdy beardys', who keep coming in asking to sample seven beers, then only buying a half ! (Enough is enough, eh Jim)

Crikey James! Who could you possibly mean? Dare I say you may have been referring to CAMRA members!

Shock, horror, outrage! Word spread within CAMRA faster
than a snow drift over t' North Yorkshire Moors. The temerity of it all. Members being banned and described as 'weirdy  beardies'. Naughty Jim! 

Members descended on the 'White Rose Hostelry' in protest and tore up their membership cards, as a result of this prickly spat!

 Na then, you lot now realise, no more free entry to beer festivals or a 10p discount down t'local.

So, inquest held by t'CAMRA hierarchy I presume, and the case against James Hardie was proved. His punishment being, that he will be placed in the York stocks. No, sorry wrong case! Jim will in fact be not considered now for the 2014 Good Beer Guide.

Now, I am no legislative expert. But, I am led to believe 'Jimmy lad' is in breach of the CAMRA guide's admission policy. 

It's a fair cop m' lud! Take him down.

However, Jim does not seem too phased or indeed bothered by this CAMRA verdict. He said: "No regulars have complained and as far as I'm concerned it's a well run pub and I serve good beer. So it's up to them(CAMRA) it they want to chuck me out." 

So, James Hardie esq. Hero or villian? 

As the author of this blog I will remain totally impartial!

However, I do admire his stance, his straight talking, loyalty to his regulars and his 'wicked' description of a certain unshaven clan within the local community and beyond!