Thursday, 14 March 2013

MINIMUM PRICING: Hopefully, two fingers up to the health campaign fanatics!

Well, knock me down with a feather! Is there a glimmer of hope finally. Is the government's proposed minimum pricing on alcohol, about to be booted in to the sidings?

Will commonsense prevail? Will the health campaign fanatics be left with a headache? Or should that be a hangover?

The u-turn will be welcomed by most of us, I am sure. But, as expected it brought a typical reaction from some so called respected 'health experts'.

The Dr. has'missed the bus'on minnimum pricing!
Step forward the member for Totnes, Dr. Sarah (Woolly) Wollaston. The former G.P. bleated in expected fashion, that she was devastated on hearing the news. She squealed:" When alcohol is too cheap, more people die".

Err. sorry, but there is no evidence of this, and in my opinion, is a typical puritanical response from the health lobby.  

What really wound me up, was a sub standard interview with her on BBC Breakfast. Namby, pamby, lily-livered, Bill Turnbull never reacted when she stated, that most drinkers would not be affected by the minimum pricing. Only the binge drinkers and 'pre-loaders'.

What utter garbage! What about us responsible drinkers who like fine, strong ales and quality, premium lager? Of course lots of drinkers would suffer and be affected. And it would be those of us, on moderate to low incomes.

Duffer Bill just did not react! She was let off the hook. She was a sitting target, after spewing out that misguided dross. Turnip Turnbull missed his opportunity, in typical BBC interviewing style.    

So, as I descend from my soapbox, let's hope the likes of Dr. Wollaston and the rest of the temperance movement, will indeed be in devastation mode, as the coalition, hopefully, makes a positive u-turn for once!