Thursday, 7 March 2013

PUNCH TAVERNS: Price increase is unjustified and disgraceful.

A recent report in the Publican's Morning Advertiser, has left me absolutely gobsmacked.  

It highlights an unbelievable price increase for Strongbow, by Punch Taverns. A whopping 22p a pint !

The increase has quite rightly incensed one of their licensee's, namely, Phil Rice, of the Old Wheatsheaf in Enfield, Middlesex.   

Poor Phil has seen a barrel of Strongbow rise by £16.44 to £133.53! What a joke. Where is the justification in that? 

One thinks an explanation is in order!

It gets worse! Heineken state that the price for Strongbow cider has increased by approx 5.5p a pint. So with VAT added, the licensee would expect to pay around 7p.

So Punch Taverns, what the hell is going on? Twenty two pence! How do you justify such a ridiculous increase. Customers will be outraged. How are your publicans going to explain this to customers who are loyal to the product?

But does it really surprise you? Perhaps not. We get used to the way Punch Taverns operate and run their organisation.

Oh, but hang on, there has been some sort of reaction to all this. A Punch spokesman said: "We have a policy of not commenting  publicly on pricing involving individual pubs."

Well, I am not bloody surprised you wanting to go all mute on us, in relation to a hike of 22p a pint! 

It will probably be nearer 30p, with the duty increase this month. 

Amazingly, the spokesperson went on to say that they had been working with their suppliers to offer a broad range of ciders at (are you sat down?) COMPETITIVE prices to the market leaders.

People down the boozer have often said to me " Nothing surprises me about Punch Taverns." (Or words similar to that. Words that cannot be printed) 

And in my opinion, this latest snippet of information will certainly surprise even their most outspoken critics!    



  1. Let's just hope the condem government does actually bring in the promised legislation to curb these scumbag pubcos.

  2. I believe Heineken reduced their discounts to Punch -hence delisting of Amstel etc across estate and the roll out of Thatchers at expense of Strongbow? Perhaps both Punch and Heineken should comment on that?

  3. Let's be honest. Punch don't have the best PR image. I fear the worst for my local boozer at the rate Punch are hurting it.

  4. Well we are in Edinburgh, paying even more to punch for every beer, we are losing on average £1500 a month, we are waiting for the new COP legislation so we can tell punch bye bye.....

  5. What hurts more is the fact that this "cider" is "Strongbow" - which has very little apple content and what is in there is probably imported concentrate from China (largest producers of Apple Concentrate in the world) or perhaps from Eastern Europe. You won't be surprised to know that both are very cheap sources of apple concentrate...! This stuff is better known as "Glucose Wine" as it is mainly water, glucose syrup (ie: sugar), colourings, flavourings and of course a wee bit of apple juice (from imported concentrate most likely).

    Remember to bear the name "Cider" on the label, it only has to contain 35% apple juice (check out the HMRC Technical Defintion of Cider). Of course as alcoholic drinks don't have to have mandatory ingredients labelling, if it says "cider" on the label, the other 65% of the ingredients can be owt!

    So paying an extra 22p a pint for a REAL cider made with fresh-prssed UK grown apples would be bad enough, but for some watery concoction that owes more to folks in white lab coats than a British field...? That really is taking the pi$$....

  6. Cheers for an excellent and informative response. :)

  7. Punch taverns are crooks .they let there buildings fall into disrepair and charge tenants a unjustifiable rent and they charge top price for there tied beer products .can this company not be put intoadministration for every ones sake . And the directors put into jail or shipped out of this country .
    The sooner punch goes the better for everyone

  8. There is a local near me in Derbyshire that Punch have been advertising a planned refurb on for the past five years. The place is dropping to bits and has seen four different tenants in the past five years. Looks to me like Punch need to get some morals, how can you charge high rent and beer prices well over free trade rates for tatty pubs and expect folks to make a reasonable living. There business model is completely flawed , if you went on Dragons Den with their pricings, the dragons would laugh you out of the room.