Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I am sure you all love a good story. So, it's about time I told you one. 

However, if you like happy endings, you will be disappointed. Because this story aint got one!

It's a tale about a big, naughty pub company, who did not act very honourably. with one of their tenants. 

Their name was Surprise Inns, and they certainly had a surprise or two in store, for one poor geezer!

It all began when a chap called Arthur Lowe took on a tenancy-at-will agreement with Surprise Inns, to run the Cockwell Inn, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, in Manchester.

Now, Arthur was getting rather excited, as he was told when the tenancy-at-will ended, he could have a full tenancy and buy the fixtures and fittings for £15,000.

Arthur wanted to offer food as part of his plan to revive the ailing pub. However, he was scuppered somewhat, when he found the gas and electrics were dodgy. In addition to a leaking roof .

Money had to be spent. And £13,000 was ploughed in to the pub, in order to address the problems.

Alas, Arthur then found that the kitchen appliances were deemed useless, despite the boozer being advertised as having a fully operational kitchen!

So, the pub opened without offering any food, much to the dismay of Arthur.

No worries for Mr Lowe! Help was on its way, and negotiations were held with Surprise Inns. A financial settlement was agreed. And a new fitted kitchen was installed.

Now, Arthur should have been mildly elated with the current situation. Err, not really, after he was told by Surprise Inns, that the full tenancy would now be fifty grand!

Poor Arthur shrieked:"I cannot afford that. And if I had known at the outset that the tenancy would not be long term, I'd have never taken on the boozer in the first place."

Well, one could say that Surprise Inns were now in a rather advantageous position. They, now having an improved structure and more punters coming through its doors.

It then transpired that a pub chain had bought the lease, unbeknown to a now, 'shell shocked' Arthur and his Mrs.

 It also now meant they had to vacate the premises!

What compounded this whole, sad situation for Arthur, was that he learnt that the pub chain had been casting their eyes over the Cockwell Inn for quite some time!

Crikey! Arthur must have thought he had just been acting as a caretaker for Surprise Inns. How could they treat an employee in this way!

Good old Surprise Inns. You have left Mr Lowe far poorer and more stressful than he was at the commencement of his tenure.

 You are indeed an uncaring company and totally devoid of all concern for him.

And there endeth the story. I told you it had an unhappy ending!   

PS. Is this story based on fact? Maybe, just maybe.... :-)