Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I have to say I was quite staggered by the recent report in the Morning Advertiser, highlighting a north west London landlord resorting to drastic measures, in response to 'spiraling prices' for his beer.

Tied-licensee, Brian Mannion of the Black Lion in Kilburn, had calculated that if he was buying his beer free-of -the-tie, he could be saving himself 66% of his beer purchasing outlay - and had decided to stop selling draught  beers in protest!   

To be honest, it really surprised me, this two-thirds differential. Crikey, I knew Enterprise Inns charged quite 'a wedge' for their ales - but a 66% hike?

I know a few licensees read my blog. Well, I would like to ask them - is this common in the trade?   

The licensee in question is even having a 'draught wake' next week - to signal the end of his boozer flogging cask ales. You have to admire his stance - in protest to the 'inflated' price of his beer.

Mr Mannion will be 'ramming home' his feelings on the subject, by carrying a keg out of the pub - placed in a coffin! I am sure a picture will be available in the local press, come the first of June.

Do you think this is all a bit desperate? Has it really got so bad for tied-licensees, that they are stooping to these measures? Measures that in this case will surely result in a drop in custom - although you have to admire him for having the 'bollocks' to stand up to the 'Pubco Machine'.

Question, questions, questions! Questions, I am sure lots of you out there, who read this blog, can answer - well, I hope so.