Thursday, 13 June 2013


This self-righteous, holier-than-thou, taxpayer funded bunch, has once again been having a good old whinge - at the expense of our valued beer industry. 

This time they are calling, or perhaps they are demanding, for a ban on alcohol advertising at music and social events.

This most wearisome of all anti-alcohol lobbyists, have been 'tub-thumping' that, in their opinion, young people are facing excessive exposure to various alcohol brands - and have called for the advertising ban to be implemented - adding that current regulations are also not effective

So, let's reveal a few facts for the defence m'lud, eh?

For a start, we all know that we have some of the toughest advertising rules in Europe. Perhaps a reaction to that fact?

I would also like to highlight for the defence, m'lud, that recent Department of Health figures state that fewer young people in the UK  are drinking alcohol.

So, I would say to Alcohol Concern: explain then, why and how this figure is falling - when we have alcohol advertising?  

Another question m'lud: "Why, in France, where alcohol advertising is banned - is the figure amougst youngsters, increasing?

I think we would all agree(Alcohol Concern excepted) that advertisers are targeting people over 18, to drink their brands - not the youngsters!

It would be nice to have a response from this self-opinionated, puritanical group - as they never diversify from the goody-goody, intolerant, self-righteous image they portray. 

Or perhaps, they will just continue, at taxpayers expense, to plough a lonely furrow of smugly moralistic and blinkered opinion - oblivious to the fact, that they are exhibiting their own pious, pontificating, self-assurance.