Monday, 1 July 2013


It's nice to reveal some positive breaking news from time to time - and the news that Accrington is to get a new brewery after ten years - is welcome news indeed.

A decade has passed since the Picks microbrewery, situated in Willows Lane, brewed its last pint - thankfully the Big Clock Brewery will be up and brewing in mid-September.

The new microbrewery is to be situated inside Grants Bar - a most popular drinking establishment in the town.

 The pub was formerly known as the Hargreaves Arms - and when Justin Grant purchased the pub from Punch Taverns in June 2009 - it was closed and in a derelict state.

Fortunately, for the people of Hyndburn, Justin had the vision, enterprise and passion to save this most attractive, 200 year old building, and sunk his life savings - and sold his house, in order to get his project underway.

The pub opened just six months later, with one hand pump. Four years on, Justin now has one of the finest watering holes in
the area - with seven cask ales now available, for discerning, real ale drinkers - at this modern, contemporary and friendly bar.

But running a successful pub is not enough for Justin - as he will be opening a microbrewery inside the pub - situated in the former pool room. 

The new brewery will have a large viewing window, so customers can see first hand, what is involved in the brewing process.

Justin's beers will be named with an Accrington connection and there will be three hand pumps in the new bar/cafe area - making eleven pumps in total.

There will also be t-shirts and other merchandise available - and Justin intends to commence brewery tours, shortly after the mid-September opening.

Of course, if you want to name your new brewery after a big clock - then you will have to have a rather large timepiece somewhere prominent!

So, Justin will be erecting a large, old-fashioned clock, outside, on the gable-end of the building.

Exciting times indeed for the people of Accrington and beyond.

Grants Bar, already an award winning and most popular drinking hostelry - is about to get even better!