Tuesday, 30 July 2013

GEORGE OSBORNE: You spout utter pretentious garbage!

Smug and pretentious comment !
I was pretty dismayed recently, when yet another comment from Chancellor, George Osborne, gave us a totally skewed, unjustified  impression, of the work Parliament had done in reducing beer duty.

He commented at the recent All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group Awards : "The cut was more than just a reduction in duty, it was a symbol that parliament cares about the industry."

A symbol? Parliament cares about the UK beer industry? How the hell can you embrace parliament for the reductions - and take the credit? 

Parliament was forced into this by hardworking cross-
party M.P's, such as Andrew Griffiths and Greg Mulholland. And also by the tireless work done by CAMRA - led by its fine and passionate chairman, Colin Valentine. 

And finally, theCAMRA members and the general public, who signed the petition to scrap the beer duty escalator.

Mr Osborne is such a smug and grossly pretentious soul. Don't you agree? Why didn't he give the credit to the ones that deserved it?

What also flabbergasted me was that he was named Beer Drinker of the Year, for his scrapping of the beer escalator - and reducing beer duty by a PENNY - you were forced into it!

It was a cringeworthy accolade in the extreme. 

Have you ever seen him drinking a pint? He sips the brew reluctantly - as if there is going to be some sort of chemical reaction!
Why not have given it to one of the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group, or someone far more deserving?

 No, let 'tub-thumper' and chum, Ken Clarke. award it to 'beer
drinker' George - a true flag bearer and supporter of the UK beer industry! Agreed?

I make no apologies for for my views in this matter. I care most passionately about the welfare of our pubs and licensees - alas, the same cannot be said about Mr.Osborne and a large chunk of parliament (including my local MP). 

Parliament does not care about the UK beer industry - only a small minority do - who thankfully had the vision, passion and sheer determination, to present a crumb of comfort , to our much beleaguered pubs.