Friday, 9 August 2013

Smoking in beer gardens - come on, show some tolerance!

The recent warm weather has been very welcome - the first decent summer we have had for six or seven years - everyone has been enjoying a trip to the pub and venturing into the beer garden, to enjoy a beverage in the sunshine.

But wait, all is not well! There are a group of whinging, intolerant souls, that appear to be waging war on a particular social gathering.
It appears that our beer gardens have suddenly become an unhealthy environment, in which to venture. People are suddenly fearful of stepping in to this area - believing that it has suddenly become, a mighty great risk to their health!

So, what lurks in these social areas? How can a sunny beer garden, carry a health warning? 

It appears that swirling fag smoke is the problem! Our beer gardens have suddenly been populated with an increase of 
'anti-social' brethren - who are apparently increasing our chances of lung cancer and other respiratory related problems !

What sensationalist bollocks! I am a non-smoker and see no 
harm in a minority, yes, a minority - enjoying a drag. in the fresh air.

I am getting a little tired and weary of folk, constantly 'bleating' about the increasing number of smokers, in beer gardens - as a result  of the favourable climatic conditions.

Show some tolerance. An occasional slight intake of ciggy smoke ain't going to reduce your life expectancy by ten years - as some folk would have you believe!

Surely, you must agree that smokers have had a pretty rough ride, since the introduction of the smoking ban - you want to hear some of the ludicrous, barmy and misinformed comments - you probably have! 

Let's face it, smokers have to stand out in the inclement conditions, on most occasions  - banished from the warmth of the boozer, like a member of a leper colony!

Whats all the fuss about? 

OK, I am a fair minded geezer, and I can fully understand a couple with children, sat next to a table, with a fag-puffing-foursome, billowing their secondary fumes. But, they can always move.

What also annoys me is that the AFMMB(anti-fag moaning- minnie brigade) are made up of many former smokers, who bleat: "Disgusting habit" or often comment : " Urr, I can smell cigarette smoke." 

Don't you think those type of comments, from ex-puffers, are a little hypocritical, hysterical even - and dare I say, a tad uneducated?    

So, come on(some of you), let's have a little humility, understanding and tolerance, towards the smoking fraternity -  because without them in attendance, many more boozers would have been adorned with metal shutters, boarded-up windows, a for-sale sign - and of course, a few weeds growing out of the gutters!    



  1. as an ex smoker of over 22yrs , i stopped because it upset my friends and family .and saw affecting my personal health . so why should we have now to put up with these ill informed creatures invading our pure air space .
    Go visit a hospital near you and work for a year in the wards where these smoker related illnesses are looked after. then repeat what you have just put up on here . And blame the government for pub closures and greedy breweries , hiking up the price of running a pub .tennants are hiked up to the hilt .

  2. These people will quite likely not have a problem with barbecue smoke.

  3. "uneducated"?
    I'm an asthmatic beer drinker. You expect me to tolerate smokers or move from the beer garden?
    Pub don't shut down without smokers, they shut down without DRINKERS!
    Thoroughly disagree with you post!

  4. short of banning smoking full stop - which Government cannot do due to the millions they will lose in tax revenues - the problems will continue. Personally, cannot see why smokers cannot do without a smoke for an hour or two when having a beer in a beer gatden where,this time of year, there are lots of families and non- smokers present. Smoking is a health hazard to the smoker and non- smoker who has to breathe it in. At least the smoker is making the choice to reduce his/her life expectancy. So, if you want to smoke, do it at home or on the street. Better still, give up completely and save the money to go out more!

  5. I'm getting rather tired of bloggers who seem to think that anyone who disagrees with them is "ill informed" or "uneducated". It's an easy way to dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as being wrong and stupid. Just because people read the things you write doesn't automatically make you infallible, and to think otherwise is written narcissism.
    On topic, I smoked for seven years but gave up thirteen years ago when I decided it was too expensive, unhealthy, wasted too much of my time and that I wasn't particularly enjoying it anymore. I have no problem with smokers in my immediate vicinity, but if my family are around (whom I never smoked near), why should we have to move just because someone who smokes decides to sit next to us? When I was still smoking, I considered it MY responsibility to ensure non-smokers were not affected by MY habit. If they sat next to me and were downwind, I moved until I'd finished my smoke, then came back.
    And as for the comment about pubs needing smokers; obviously I can only comment about the pubs I frequent, but the ratio of customers seems to be tipped heavily in the direction of non-smokers.
    As for being "banished from the warmth of the boozer, like a member of a leper colony", it's their choice to go outside. If they can't go without for a few hours, that's up to them. What do they do if they go see a long film at the cinema? Or fly anywhere like the U.S.?

    I normally enjoy the posts you write, but I'm afraid, in my humble opinion this post was a self-indulgent big-headed waste of space.

    1. Wayne, I would never think myself as infallible. I raised this subject, simply in defence of smokers. Some of the comments I hear are quite unnecessary - and in some cases,quite nasty. The blog has had an overwhelming favourable response. I always take everyone's comments on board - and thank you for your input.

  6. Pubs are perfectly entitled to designate all or part of their beer gardens as non-smoking - in fact I can think of one or two that do have smoking and non-smoking sections. But the fact that most don't indicates what licensees think about the commercial implications of doing that.

    Before the indoor smoking ban we were assured by its supporters that there would be a huge influx of new non-smoking customers. That never happened. Ban smoking in beer gardens and pubs will lose many existing customers and gain no new ones. If you want to see thousands more pubs close, then that's the way to go.

  7. Well said Briggsy. The intolerant drinkers commenting should watch out, there are a heck of a lot of people with similar but different intolerances who want to stop us all from drinking.

  8. Still waiting to see the evidence that smoking outdoors harms non smokers. And isn't it ironic certain non smokers want to exploit the improved facilities provided for smokers? But only when the weather is warm and sunny.

    @Wayne. 'When I was still smoking, I considered it MY responsibility to ensure non-smokers were not affected by MY habit. If they sat next to me and were downwind, I moved until I'd finished my smoke, then came back.' Can we assume that your respect for non smokers meant that you never smoked INSIDE a pub pre ban when non smoking staff and customers were present? Are we seriously expected to believe that you stepped outside every time you wanted a cig?

  9. Personally I welcome warm weather as an opportunity to socialise comfortably with both smokers and non-smokers. I miss the (on average) more fun, more relaxed smokers who are discouraged from coming to pubs on all but the odd sunny days. Modern air conditioning systems could avoid all influence on non-smokers from nearby smoking rooms if the law was changed. The then chairman of the workingmen's clubs association told me his members would be happy to have smoking rooms with no bar service so that no staff would be affected. Nature's own air-conditioning system does a good job outside and the complainers are really just being prigs. Either they should campaign for smoking to be illegal altogether and have an honest national debate or they should back off from the smokers whose taxes more than fund the NHS. If the argument were really about health costs by the way, it's the non-smokers who should be penalised. The preponderance of health care costs come from the very elderly. Smokers are doing their best not to join that group, so leave them alone and - to be intellectually consistent - campaign for penal taxes on Stairmasters and rowing machines.

  10. I'd rather not be forced to take in the smoke from these horrible people's disgusting habit or have to stand/sit next to them after they've 'enjoyed' another cigarette and taken another few months off their life expectancy with the stale stink of smoke on their clothes.

    1. How on earth can you call people smoke, horrible. Their habit is not the best. However, what a cruel,unkind and totally unfair to say that smokers are horrible. Very disappointed also that you are anonymous

    2. people WHO smoke, that should say.

    3. What a nice tolerant person you are, Anon.

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