Friday, 9 August 2013

Smoking in beer gardens - come on, show some tolerance!

The recent warm weather has been very welcome - the first decent summer we have had for six or seven years - everyone has been enjoying a trip to the pub and venturing into the beer garden, to enjoy a beverage in the sunshine.

But wait, all is not well! There are a group of whinging, intolerant souls, that appear to be waging war on a particular social gathering.
It appears that our beer gardens have suddenly become an unhealthy environment, in which to venture. People are suddenly fearful of stepping in to this area - believing that it has suddenly become, a mighty great risk to their health!

So, what lurks in these social areas? How can a sunny beer garden, carry a health warning? 

It appears that swirling fag smoke is the problem! Our beer gardens have suddenly been populated with an increase of 
'anti-social' brethren - who are apparently increasing our chances of lung cancer and other respiratory related problems !

What sensationalist bollocks! I am a non-smoker and see no 
harm in a minority, yes, a minority - enjoying a drag. in the fresh air.

I am getting a little tired and weary of folk, constantly 'bleating' about the increasing number of smokers, in beer gardens - as a result  of the favourable climatic conditions.

Show some tolerance. An occasional slight intake of ciggy smoke ain't going to reduce your life expectancy by ten years - as some folk would have you believe!

Surely, you must agree that smokers have had a pretty rough ride, since the introduction of the smoking ban - you want to hear some of the ludicrous, barmy and misinformed comments - you probably have! 

Let's face it, smokers have to stand out in the inclement conditions, on most occasions  - banished from the warmth of the boozer, like a member of a leper colony!

Whats all the fuss about? 

OK, I am a fair minded geezer, and I can fully understand a couple with children, sat next to a table, with a fag-puffing-foursome, billowing their secondary fumes. But, they can always move.

What also annoys me is that the AFMMB(anti-fag moaning- minnie brigade) are made up of many former smokers, who bleat: "Disgusting habit" or often comment : " Urr, I can smell cigarette smoke." 

Don't you think those type of comments, from ex-puffers, are a little hypocritical, hysterical even - and dare I say, a tad uneducated?    

So, come on(some of you), let's have a little humility, understanding and tolerance, towards the smoking fraternity -  because without them in attendance, many more boozers would have been adorned with metal shutters, boarded-up windows, a for-sale sign - and of course, a few weeds growing out of the gutters!