Saturday, 21 September 2013

Is charging above 50% for a half, a rip-off?

I have been asked by a few readers of the blog, to ask the prickly question regarding excessive pricing.
It has come about after a friend had visited a boozer in the Ribble Valley, with his partner.
He was charged £3.60 for his pint - which is bad enough in East Lancashire. But what he felt was totally unacceptable was being 'stung' for two quid, for a half of the same beverage!
I had a good reaction on Facebook - and nearly everyone expressed their dissatisfaction in it being a total rip-off - some saying they would have walked out.
So, I have complied with their requests - and put the question to readers of my blog.
My personal view is that it's most unfair to ask for two quid, when charging £3.60 for a pint - in fact it's a bloody cheek and taking the piss, to be honest!
Would love your views on this prickly issue - in what has proved, so far, to be a very contentious topic.


  1. Yes - it's a ripoff. If it had been a case of rounding up to the nearest five (or maybe even ten) pence, then fair enough, but sticking on over 10% is just thievery.

    Which pub was it? If it's a GBG pub, write to the editor.

  2. Completely agreed - I wrote about this in this month's Opening Times column.

  3. In fact, if you think about the overheads involved, (for example, the cost of water, electricity etc to wash a half-pint glass), they wouldn't be half that of a pint glass. Therefore the price reflects this, and that could justify more than 50% being charged.

    OK, I'm being facetious, I think 50% it's a fair price - but I wonder if that reasoning is genuinely employed?

  4. Pubs set their pricing; I'm sure the overheads in serving halves are probably higher. While I wouldn't do it myself, it's not a "ripoff", it's charging for a service. If you don't like the service, don't pay for it.

  5. Yes it's a rip off but pubs are rip offs. That's why they are all shutting. If they offered good value they would be prospering, like the spoons.

    Only beardie weirdies like being ripped off and seem to think we all should like it.

  6. It would be the last drink I ever bought in that pub and would make sure they knew it. Pure rip off.