Saturday, 21 September 2013

Is charging above 50% for a half, a rip-off?

I have been asked by a few readers of the blog, to ask the prickly question regarding excessive pricing.
It has come about after a friend had visited a boozer in the Ribble Valley, with his partner.
He was charged £3.60 for his pint - which is bad enough in East Lancashire. But what he felt was totally unacceptable was being 'stung' for two quid, for a half of the same beverage!
I had a good reaction on Facebook - and nearly everyone expressed their dissatisfaction in it being a total rip-off - some saying they would have walked out.
So, I have complied with their requests - and put the question to readers of my blog.
My personal view is that it's most unfair to ask for two quid, when charging £3.60 for a pint - in fact it's a bloody cheek and taking the piss, to be honest!
Would love your views on this prickly issue - in what has proved, so far, to be a very contentious topic.