Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Now, can I just say at the outset, that my eyes are not good.  However, despite my sight impairment, I am finding that when I walk into a pub, I very rarely see a price list for beer.

You often see a selection of beers chalked up - but the price is usually absent! Is there a reason for this?

I thought boozers had to display a price list - but perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps, I am not looking hard enough when I enter the premises.

I know this might sound a little cynical, but in some hostelries there is no noticeable price list - it's only displayed on the reverse of the pump clip, for the benefit of the barstaff.

Thankfully, my local always has the latest ales and prices chalked up on a board, in a very prominent place, at the side of the bar - but I have to say there are not many who follow suit.

It would be nice to walk up to the bar and know how much your chosen ale is going to cost - but I always have to ask the staff, in most cases - or if not, prepare myself for a pleasant surprise, or a shock!

One pub I visited recently had all the beers chalked up outside - and described their strengths and flavours. Unfortunately, there was no price.

I then realised there was perhaps just cause, for not pricing up - as the ale was 60p a pint dearer, than the boozer across the road!....a tad sneaky, one would think?

You also have instances where pubs have quite a disparity in their beer prices. This is understandable to a degree, as stronger beers can cost you more - and there are certain brewers whose ale is always more expensive(will not mention who - as you probably already know them!).

However, it does come as a shock sometimes when a beer of similar strength is 30-40p dearer - and it would have been nice to have been pre-warned.

Yes, I know you only have to ask - but most people don't - and they really should not have to - as there should be a price list on the bar.

In conclusion, I do sincerely apologise to all pub landlord's and landlady's, who display a price list at the bar - it is a great help when gazing along the pump clips - but in my experience a prominent price list is a rare species - and just think they should be more common and more prominent.