Sunday, 13 October 2013


Don't you get a little perplexed at times, regarding negative press, highlighting our UK pubs? 

It gets all rather tiresome and tedious - as some media sources appear loathe to promote the positives, in my opinion.

So let me redress the balance - a little!

This beery tale is about an historic pub in Barrowford, East Lancashire, called the George and Dragon. The pub had been owned by Enterprise Inns, and had experienced turbulent waters in recent times.

The boozer had shut, opened, shut, re-opened.You know the score. And it was sad to see that up to six months ago, the pub was tired, run down, ailing - and was carrying a bad reputation.

Enterprise Inns, it would appear, had not shown one shred of enterprise in this hostelry. Even more galling, as it was a lovely building, situated in a friendly village - and had bags of potential.

The pub was thankfully sold earlier this year, after the doors had been shut since mid-January. Chris Joyce was the pub's new owner. And he opened on the 3rd of May.

In about six weeks the pub was transformed. The bad clientele had been barred, and suddenly the George and Dragon was once more part of the village community.

It looked superb internally, with its soft, comfy furnishings and
relaxed, friendly atmosphere . Food was back on, which was proving very popular. And it now boasted, two pool teams and a darts team.

It was purely a weekend pub at the outset. But now trade is steadily increasing during the week, as the locality realise that 'The George' is back as an asset of the community.

Three cask ales are being served, with a fourth coming soon. All beers are locally sourced and are growing in popularity. The beer was is excellent condition, when I paid a visit.

To be honest, I was not expecting the pub to be looking so attractive. The new owner has done a superb job in rescuing this once ailing boozer. Enterprise, investment and damned hard work, have reaped reward.

In my opinion, Chris Joyce is a local hero, who has given the village a real boost. A genuine, friendly meeting place for the community and beyond to enjoy. 

It would be interesting to hear what Enterprise Inns have to say about the current situation at the George and Dragon. A pub they had clearly shown very little enterprise for. Or so it seemed.

Thank God someone had the vision and enterprise to rescue this historic landmark. 

And there endeth the story........