Friday, 18 October 2013

I would just like to say, thank you.

This is just a short post, in order to express my thanks to people who take time to read my blog.

I have just been informed by the leading provider of media research, distribution, monitoring and analysis, Cision UK, that my blog has been ranked fourth, in the UK's Alcohol Blogs. 

It was the second ranked beer blog. Pete Brown's Beer Blog, not surprisingly, being the most popular.

It was a very pleasant surprise. It's nice to know folk appreciate what I strive and aim to do.

People are mostly supportive of my comments and opinions. And I will continue to support, defend and promote. good pubs, hardworking licensees and the industry in general.
The UK beer industry is a tough one - but it is surviving admirably, in difficult economic conditions.
It speaks volumes for the type of people,
who depend on the beer trade, for their livelihood. 
I will not ramble on too much - but once again, cheers to you all for taking a peek at my beery blog. :-)