Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Well, I have to say that I never thought I would be banging on about Terry Wogan on this beer blog. 

But unfortunately, Sir Terence has had a pop at our much loved boozers - and felt it was my duty to fire back with both barrels!

So, come on then, I hear you say. What's all the fuss? 

Well, Wacky Wogan has been recently quoted as saying: "Pub culture is over. Five blokes talking rubbish over a pint, died with the smoking ban. It's dinner at the gastropub and bring your partner. That's a table for 10."

OK, so let's just dissect this blinkered ramble, piece by piece.

To say pub culture is over, is utter bollocks. What does woeful Wogan know about pub culture?

As I see it, pub culture is the influence of pubs on the population. To say it's over, is utter garbage. When did he last stroll down the boozer, to witness how "the local" influences the immediate populace?

He wants to exit his million plus mansion more, and get Parker to chauffeur him down town, so he can witness all the thriving boozers that are about.  

I visit lots of boozers - and witness many that are influencing  the population. One prime example, is a pub in Todmorden, on the Lancs/Yorks border, called the Polished Knob. 

It's always well populated - at all times of the day. Good range of ales, at competitive prices. Friendly customers, talking over a pint, enjoying our pub culture - and there's many more like this boozer, in all our towns and cities.

You certainly still witness many blokes, talking 'rubbish' over a pint - as he so disrespectfully put it. Although, not as many since the smoking ban. 

But to say this type of talk has died, just proves what a
blinkered, out of touch, old buffer you are. Your "street cred" is certainly slipping, Sir Terence. Just like your wig does, from time to time.

Rumour has it you have three toppers, Wiggo. What do you call them? Wilton, Axminster and Shag Pile!

Wogan's final comment, about dinner at the gastropub, just sums up the type of snobby, patronising lifestyle he probably leads. One, who more than likely, ignores people, that he regards as social inferiors.(A pub regular)

He bleats, that it's now, all dinner at the gastropub. 

Is it, now?

 You are talking out of your, well upholstered, rear end. Yes, these type of establishments are on the increase - and it's good to see. But to say that about gastropubs, just gives me the impression, you think that no other type of pub exists!

Sorry Tezza, you are losing the plot, so you are, so you are. 

Yes, you can be still quite polished, in your presenting. However, after your recent comments, about pub culture, the Polished Knob in Todmorden, will always remind me of you.....So it will, so it will.