Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sharp's Doom Bar: What's the firkin fuss about?

Just want to express my surprise at this average tipple being a forerunner in mainstream beverages
I have tried this thin flavoured ale on many occasions - and it's always the same shallow, virtually characterless ale.
What is all the firkin fuss about Doom Bar?
OK, it's malty , sweet and smooth. However, it amazes me how folk rave about it.
I suppose I should pay homage to the marketeers. They could probably sell sand in the Sahara !
Doom Bar is a most ordinary bitter beer - in the extreme. An ale that dissipates rapido, when served up. And fails to satisfy the most sympathetic of taste buds!
It's a lifeless slurp, as it has limited body and a wishy washy appearance .
I suppose I will get some grief off its dedicated disciples. But for me there is nowt to rave about. It's a firkin non-descript, thin bodied quaff.
But good on yer, Sharp's - or should I say Molson Coors! You seem capable of convincing some of the real ale fraternity, that this amber liquid is a decent drop of ale.
For me and many others, it's the most overrated ale, ever brewed. 
"May I interest you in a Sharp's Doom Bar, Sir?" thanks. I will give the ale a swerve, and plump for a basic, average, mainstream tipple.