Friday, 13 December 2013


I have to say that there's been a lot of whinging of late, in relation to Wetherspoon's . And I am a little miffed by some of the comments, that I think are unjustified.

OK, some are the usual moans, like length of time waiting to be served and staff being a tad rude from time to time.

However, comments such as, "the ale is like dishwater" and "there's is never any choice", appears well wide of the mark, in my opinion.

For a start, the Wetherspoon's I frequent, the ale is always of a decent standard and there was a choice of NINE beers on my last visit. 

I will agree you are kept waiting sometimes. But on most occasions staff appear to be multi-tasking. I went in one 'Spoons' and the poor lad was serving ale, clearing tables AND serving food!

What pissed me off here, was the impatient sod tapping a two quid coin on the bar, huffing and puffing. Surely, he could have been patient for two minutes, obviously realising staffing was a bit stretched.

Others will walk out if there's limited choice. They bleat, " there was only three on, so I walked out." 

People complain about folk ordering coffee. Why? Well, once again I think we have an impatience issue. Don't we? I think you will find this is a common gripe. But is it really a big deal to have to wait another minute?

One thing that does frustrate me is the 'coming soon' on the pump clip . Those ales should be chalked up on a board in a prominent place behind the bar - there's enough space.

The number of times I have heard folk ask for a pint of 'coming soon' - I've done it myself - and there is some justification here, for a raised eyebrow.

I have to say I like the occasional visit to Wetherspoon's . It offers choice and value. Beer is always in decent nick. Staff are mostly helpful and polite. And you usually get value in social entertainment!

So in my opinion most of the gripes are a load of old dishwater! I think some of us are making unfair and exaggerated comments about good old Wetherspoon's .......Do you agree?

Crikey, you will be moaning about, wanting more CAMRA 50p discount vouchers next!


  1. There's certainly a place for Wetherspoons. While the following aren't always true, in all Wetherspoons, 100% of the time, I find that:

    a) There is a reasonable selection of beers on
    b) The beer is of good quality
    c) If you have to return a pint, the staff will apologise and change it without grumbling
    d) There's a reasonable selection of other drinks - wines, soft drinks
    e) The food's edible - I've only once had to complain about the food, in twenty odd years
    f) Everything is (very) reasonably priced
    g) Toilets are clean

    In short, it's the kind of place that if I'm in an unfamiliar town with an hour to kill, and just want to read a paper with a pint, it's ideal. It's also somewhere that I know I can take my parents - who aren't big pub goers - knowing they're unlikely to be annoyed by anything.

    I'd rather drink beer in my local award-winning real-ale hostelry, spending time appreciating rare and hand crafted ales with friends. However, if I've got an hour for lunch and want a decent pint of bitter and a burger, and a space to read my paper, I'll be taking my 50p down the local Wetherspoons.

    You pays your money, etc etc etc...

  2. I'd prefer a good, local proper boozer but I have no issue with Wetherspoons generally. They do vary-like any pub chain-and unfortunately mine has dipped of late but in many areas they can't be bettered. They're terrific value for ale and food, have good toilets, good disabled access and shift enough ale to keep it in good nick. And then of course there are the CAMRA vouchers!

  3. If you do your xmas shopping at Fortnums you will get the 5* personal service you have paid for. If you do it at Aldi you will join the queue.

    You get what you pay for, and what you pay for is more than product, it is service. The xmas pud at Aldi will no doubt win more awards than Fortnums and save you a bob, but you join the queue. You accept less service for a lower price.

    Likewise if you go to spoons, you will find the stuff on offer is quite decent, you save a few quid, but heh ho, you join the queue of a cut price business model.

    You either like a bargain or you don't.

    Some people like jumble sales, some can't stand them.

    I like a bargain. The joy of saving a bob, for me, is disproportionate to the value of that bob. Cheap beer tastes better knowing I got a bargain.

    You pays your money, you takes your pick.

    1. Excellent response and appraisal, Cooking Lager

  4. I was going to say something about fewer staff being a consequence of cheaper products but Cooking Lager got there before me.

    Personally I prefer to cook with Guinness, makes a much beter hot pot than lager!!!!

  5. I have visited 467 Wetherspoons and would say I have been happy with the service and quality in all of them bar 4, I have a lot of time for Wetherspoons, They have saved a lot of great buildings, open at sensible times, and more importantly sells varying and local ales not available in most other pubs. In addition waiting times is lot less than it was a few years ago.