Saturday, 4 January 2014

Are 'January Sales' welcome news for everyone?

Happy New Year to you all - and welcome the annual 'January Sales' being rolled out by a number of national pub chains.

Oh yes, I can hear the moans and groans from the anti- Wetherspoon's lobbyists, as they lead the way with further discounts on their beer and food.

 But, come on, it has to be cheerful news for pub-goers. Hasn't it?

Yes, the likes of Wetherspoon's has it's detractors. It will never be a 'local pub'. As their boozers are soulless environments in all fairness.

However, their ' January Sales' which lasts until 23rd January, are quite generous in what they have on offer - even by their standards.

Ale being flogged for £1.59 a pint! Beer utopia? It will surely help us beer drinkers suffering from a financial hangover after the Christmas festivities!

I do have sympathy though for pubs within walking distance of a Wethers' drinking den. It must reduce their footfall in most instances.

Yes, you get loads of folk slagging off Wetherspoon's. For one thing and another. For example, their poor service and always having to wait for a pint. But they are mostly whingers, who have no patience in the first place. 

Let's face it, if you go in a nice, countryside gastro hostelry/watering hole, chances are you won't have to wait long, and service will be good - but you will probably be paying another two quid for your pint! You are paying a premium for the establishment.

I must admit I do patronise Wetherspoon's from time to time.
 Usually for the one beverage. OK, at times you do have to wait, while staff are operating the coffee machine. But you are standing in front of about eight hand pumps - and are about to be charged well under two quid for your chosen beverage!

The 'January Sales' will no doubt increase footfall at places like Wetherspoon's. And lots will rejoice at getting a pint for £1.59. 

But I am sure there will be lots too, who will bemoan this latest offer. Are you one of them? Are sale periods good for the beer industry? Are the likes of Wetherspoon's putting a further squeeze on other boozers profit margins?

Aye "January Sales" in pubs. What's your view on all of this?
Appreciate your comments.