Thursday, 23 January 2014


So, Wetherspoon's have opened a pub, on a motorway extra service area in Beaconfield, Buckinghamshire. Well whoopy-do - what is all the flipping fuss about, eh?

Shock, horror, was the reaction from the usual puritanical , self-opinionated groups and individuals. Squealing about it sending out all the wrong signals. And encouraging drink-driving. 

Alcohol Concern reacted by saying: "It's a backward step and
sends out the wrong signals." Well, you taxpayer funded lot, have great expertise in sending out the wrong signals - too numerous to mention.

Of course, Sir Ian Gilmour, Chairman of the Alcohol Health 
Alliance(not a clue) chipped in as usual. He blurted: "People will succumb to temptation if they see alcohol in front of them." 

Hang on, you blinkered old buffer. The majority will not be drinking alcohol . They will be having a coffee, a soft drink, a 
meal, or a snack - all at a price considerably less than all the other rip-off merchants, trading on the service area.

Campaigner, BRAKE came out with:" It presents a potentially deadly temptation." Talk about scaremongering and over the top comments.

Who are BRAKE, I hear some of you ask? Well, they are a motorist's pressure group/organisation, that is funded by the Government, so they can tell the Government, what it wants to hear!

What we don't hear from the tiresome tub thumpers, is that passengers and non-drivers might want a drink. What about coach parties? We don't hear them mentioning folk who just want a rest and a coffee.

There's a boozer near me, called the Thatch and Thistle(should 
be Tile and Thistle, as the thatch has been replaced), it's 
opposite the bottom of the slip road, that exits the M65. Is there much difference here? Well, yes there is. It is a lot closer than the 'Spoon's Hope and Champion pub, situated near the second exit on the M40 - and how many more are similar distances, up an down our motorway network?

They are numerous in France, Belgium and Holland - three nations known to like the odd beverage or three. Never a problem here. 

Come on, be honest. This story would not even be newsworthy in the rest of Europe. It was national headlines in Old Blighty! 

Sky News were typical, with their blinkered, misleading comment from their presenter - who said of the new development : "where you can fill up your pint glass, as well as your petrol tank." Pathetic, patronising parroting! 

The pub will not only serve motorway users, as all the anti- alcohol 'tub thumpers', would have you believe. The site is easily accessible to roads in the local area. So a percentage will be going there, if not for the ambience,( most are soulless)but to take advantage of their cheap ale and food. 

Let's face the facts. It's just another Wetherspoon's opening - 
big deal - nowt new there. Aye it's close t'motorway exit - but there are hundreds of others like it.

What's all the firkin fuss about? Are we really going to be presented with a potentially deathly situation? We can say that about a multitude of things - can't we?

Anyway, how can you blame Wetherspoon's ? If you want someone to blame, point the finger at the planners and the local council - bet the residents in the locality didn't even object.

Will now exit this blog post - but not sure of the exit number. Is there a Wetherspoon's near here? Most likely!