Friday, 10 January 2014

'Dry January' : More sanctimonious drivel being rolled out!

Well folks, it's that time of year again, where the do-gooders raise their self-righteous and pontificating heads, from under their moralistic parapet.

It's time for us all to abstain for a month, from the demon drink. 

Some bleat it's to recover from binge drinking over the festive period. Err...most folk drink responsibly - what's all this bollocks and assumption that everyone has been bladdered for a week!

It's a time for your liver to recover, bleats a so-called medical expert. Why? Most of us drink in moderation. The group you are aiming this at, are people who will simply not listen to the advise. The type that has a pint at nine o'clock in 'Spoons!

Of course there has to be an organisation, a group, that has to 
lead this campaign for 'Dry January'. Step forward our pious 
and puritanical brethren, Alcohol Concern. 

The self-righteous tub-thumpers are at it once more, with their firkin unit calculators, telling how we should be planning our social life.

They even have a twitter account and a Facebook page - well whoopy-do - more moralistic squealing on our social network.

Dry January,eh. All it does is heap more financial strain on our 
pubs and clubs. January is bad enough for licensees, without the anti-alcohol lobbyists telling responsible drinkers what to do for 31 days.

OK, I have been here before about the anti-alcohol brigade. But these groups are such a set of sanctimonious shites, constantly telling us what we should all be doing with our lives. 

Thankfully, you all seemed to agree, when I highlighted their 
dastardly deeds in the past - and hopefully you will concur with my current views on 'Dry January'.