Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I really did despair listening to the clueless, liberal minded, Home Office minister, Norman Baker, bumbling his way through his department's justification of not extending pubs and clubs licensing hours beyond 11pm, for England's World Cup game against Italy.

What does he know about pubs and football? This is a guy who lists his main interests as music and Tibet!

How can this guy and his Whitehall disciples possible know about the importance of supporting England at the World Cup, 
down the local?

They said: "It's not a national celebration." Well, that proves how clueless you lot are. Four million people watched England's last World Cup game - in pubs!

If that's not a national celebration, then what is ?

They don't understand how people love the pub environment, whilst supporting England - and it only happens every four 
years. The elected buffers making these decisions, wouldn't have  a clue  about the importance of supporting your national sport. This lot probably don't even care about the World Cup.

The tournament is being held in Brazil, not Belgium. Only a handful can afford to travel to South America. That's why it's so important that this facility is available, and we can watch the footy down the boozer.

Mind you, what do M.P's know about the expense of travelling?They claim all finances incurred, back - and more.

It was the usual squealing about drunks pouring onto to the streets. Always bleating about the worst possible outcome. Never mentioning that the massive majority will be acting responsibly and enjoying the occasion.

Thankfully, they will hopefully be a way round it. A Temporary Events Notice is available for £21 - so get applying you licensees. 

However, venues will no doubt be discriminated against. Like town centre watering holes. That's another reason why the hours should be extended, and that these notices will not be required.

Do you think pubs should have to close their doors for a 'national celebration'? It's an outrageous decision, in my opinion. Made by people who are clueless about such an event - and it's importance.

Home Office Minister, Norman Baker, what does he know 
about the importance of watching the nation's World Cup game  down the pub? Nowt, zilch, bugger-all - agreed?

Stick to your music and the delights of Tibet.