Saturday, 15 February 2014


It was good to hear recently, that there is soon to be a Micropub opening in Burnley town centre. A new experience in drinking, one might say.

Micropub's appear to be a fine, new concept. They appear to have similarities with our community boozers, in days gone by. No music, no gaming machines, no food or snacks. Certainly no TV. Crikey, no wines and spirits too.

No, the micropub is basically based on beer and conversation. Cask ales, real cider and soft drinks only, served to its discerning patrons. 

And yes, I am sure it will be a selective and discerning audience. The type that appreciates a damn good choice of ever changing cask ales and real ciders, a natter - and nowt much else. 

However, the micropub concept is often misunderstood . It certainly raised a titter when a nearby, local solicitor, voiced an objection to the Burnley "Beer Shack"venture, opening its doors.

You would think a solicitor would have done his research, before raising an objection. He appeared quite perplexed by the proposal. He envisaged offensive smells coming from the brewery. What Brewery? He was concerned about the loud 
music, and it attracting the wrong kind of clientele.

I attempted to allay his fears, after reading of his concerns in a local press report. I outlined the concept of a micropub. No brewery, no food, no gaming machines and no music for example. 

I also said, the clientele will bear no resemblance to the colourful characters that patronise the 'discount drinking den', directly across the road!

However, he did not reply to my explanation. Probably too 
embarrassed by his lack of research - and revealing to all, that he hadn't a much of an idea of what a micropub entailed.

I am sure the Burnley venture will succeed. The environment of the micropub will appeal to the discerning real ale and real 
cider drinker. The type that love a choice of fine craft beer. Beers that they may not have tried. Beers that will be from far and wide - from Stranraer to St.Austell.

Are these drinking dens the future? A relatively small, social establishment, providing comfort, choice and chat. They certainly appear to be in the ascendancy - and increasing in the popularity stakes.

'Beer Shack' Burnley, will open its town centre operation on the 8th March. It will have up to ten craft ales on the bar, and four real ciders. No fancy, trendy bar prices either. Ale's start at £2.50 and price is dependant on strength. Only the whopping ABV's of 7% plus, will have a price tag of three quid or more.

I think I am going to like this new watering hole - aye, in fact I am certain I will. Happy days from next month - bring it on. :-)


  1. Good luck to them - just a shame I'm a bit far away to make a pilgrimage!

  2. We have one in Derby with a second opening soon. Runner-up in this year's CAMRA pub of the year and only been open 15 months. It's a great refuge from the noise that you often get in pubs - if you're in Derby, try the Little Chester Ale House.

  3. well worth the visit and the bar staff like to hear input and good to chat to over a pint...still licking my lips after that Rowland brewery liquid mars bar

  4. I loved my visit to the Beer Shack in Burnley recently. Good ale and service with nice clientele. Now it's time to watch out for Calans's Micropub which should appear in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire in mid to late February or early March 2015.