Friday, 7 March 2014

"Craft beer", undoubtably misunderstood in beery circles.

Now, can I say at the outset that I am no expert in defining "craft beer" - far from it. However, I would like to give you my humble opinion on what these two, often contentious words represent.

The words were used in a local newspaper article, to describe a beer festival on the 21/22nd of March, at Padiham Town Hall in East Lancashire. 

Now, I firstly applaud the Burnley Express for highlighting, what will undoubtably be a wonderful, two day, beery celebration of hand-pulled real ales. However, when the words "craft beer celebration" were used, it prompted me to try and explain a few facts .

The festival will not necessarily be a celebration of "craft beer".

Unfortunately the word "craft" is an often misused word in beer circles - and some national and regional brewers  are trying to obfuscate and confuse us on what craft beer represents.

OK, we all know that there are many fine regional and large 
family brewers - but my view is, they cannot claim to produce "craft beer".

I see "craft beer" as rolled out in relatively small quantities. 
Produced by a craft brewer in a craft brewery - a microbrewery - a small, traditional brewhouse .

One fine example of what I describe as "craft beer" will be much in evidence at the Padiham festival . Irwell Works Brewery from Ramsbotto(no tittering) produce superb "craft" ale - and will be jointly running the event.

Of course there will be many other, fine examples of what is 
identified as "craft beer"at the festival - but I suspect there will some on display that are not.

I am sure there will be some of you that will disagree with my description of "craft beer" - and that is fine. Nowt like a bit 
of dissension in the ranks - but hopefully most of you will concur with my view on those two, often contentious words, in our beery debates and conversation.