Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I submit this blog post, in the hope I can obtain some views,opinions and indeed some guidance regarding a small community pub.
Here how the land lies: The pub is owned by a Pubco and was put on the market last year. A local building firm made an offer to buy the pub, with the intention of converting it into two private dwellings.
Thankfully, the locals opposed this, and petitioned the local town council. The council concurred with their opposition and planning permission was refused.
However, the applicant was within their rights to appeal within six months - and that is precisely what they did.
So the tenants have been in limbo ever since, as they await the outcome of the appeal.
Now, I have given you some background, I would like your views on what I am now going to say below.
The Pubco have received an offer from the local builders, which   appears to have been accepted. However , I have spoken to the owner of a brewery, who have made an increased offer for the pub.
So, subject to the outcome of the appeal, I was under the impression that the brewery should have been in a good position.
I contacted the Pubco, who then wanted to know a little about me. And why I was enquiring - fair enough.
I then explained my reasons, and what I did in a journalistic capacity.
They then replied promptly(must have passed the test) A spokesperson saying: "We can confirm contracts have been exchanged on the pub, subject to approval of planning permission, submitted by the potential purchaser.
Any late interest will be recorded by the agents."
So, is this the end for the pub, if planning permission is approved?
Why have the Pubco accepted a lower offer before the appeal is known? Surely, you would want the outcome resolved, so you can listen to any further offers - increased offers. - wouldn't you?
It all seems a little odd - and that's why I am asking for your views and opinions.
 I suspect there are some of you out there who can explain the situation. :-)