Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fears now allayed about the future of Daniel Thwaites.

I do have to say that when Thwaites moved most of their brewing to Marstons in Wolverhampton, I was fearful that this could be the beginning of the end for the Lancashire brewer.

However, news that Thwaites have now identified a site for their new brewery, has most certainly allayed those initial fears.

This has to be great news, that one of our oldest brewers will remain close to their original home of Blackburn. The proposed site is at Mellor Brook, that is local to the town and situated on the A59.

The popularity of cask ale owes much to the likes of Daniel Thwaites, who along with other family brewers, stood up to the major brewing companies in the seventies, when they were trying to force keg beer down our necks. 

Who will ever forget, or indeed, forget the taste of such 'delights' as: Bass Charrington,Brew(spew)Ten; Worthington E(pee); Double D(ire)iamond - and of course, Watney's Red Barrel - the list was endless!

So, it's looking like Thwaites will be continuing their brewing traditions, here in East Lancashire - and thankfully they have kept it local, on the outskirts of the town. 

This will now have hopefully stopped all sorts of rumours about the future of Daniel Thwaites - and where this family owned brewer were heading for, in the future. :-)