Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Budweiser Budvar Dark Cherry is here at last!

I will freely admit that I am a tad thrifty when it comes to buying beer. I think it's fair to say that there are beers and brands on the serving counter that are overpriced, compared to similar beverages.

However, in all fairness there are beers that you would pay a "premium price" for. Simply because they are a premium brand and beer.

One beer that is worth its premium price tag, is Budweiser Budvar, Black Lager. So, I was quite excited when their Dark Cherry Lager became available at the Narrow Boat pub in Skipton. At £4.50 a pint, it seemed quite reasonable - especially when you pay a similar price for Peroni.

I must admit I have been educated on premium lager pricing, profit margin etc. of late. And people who I respect and who 
are in the trade, have kindly taken time to explain - and  have 
'opened my eyes' to a degree, when they tell me how expensive these beverages are buy in.

So, the Dark Cherry Lager has arrived, finally. I think it has been available for about six months in other areas. The thought of Bohemian cherry juice being added to their classy black 
lager, sounds very appealing. So, I will be digging out the bus 
timetable to Skipton!

Budweiser Budvar, Dark Cherry Lager, now available at the 
Skipton watering hole. Priced at £4.50 a pint - it's a snip! (Andy Devanney, please take note that I have been listening). :-)

Footnote: Please do not associate Budweiser Budvar with the American brand - it's not in the same league. Since the InBev 
takeover, across the Atlantic, they soon implemented cost 
cutting measures, by using inferior hops. The wonderful Bavarian hallertau hop was soon jettisoned!