Sunday, 7 December 2014

A "European" trek down the bottled beer and cider aisle!

It has become most noticeable of late, that there has been an ever increasing choice in our local supermarkets and off-licenses for bottled beers and ciders. From a palatable pale ale, to a nectarous and robust stout. To a crisp, refreshing cider. The range, particularly in the larger outlets, has become a pleasing, problematic act of decision making.

I have to admit that when I embark on a bottled beer mission. I usually descend on a |Booths outlet. They have thirty store throughout the North West. And their quality and choice, is on another level - in my opinion, compared to the "big four" supermarkets. They are "premier league"!

There is always a wide selection for the discerning beer drinker at this store. And I have chosen six to tempt and tingle your taste buds, as we approach the festive period.

Let's commence this tour of alcoholic beverages in Old 
Blighty, with a superlative  slurp from Thwaites' "Crafty Dan"
brewery. Triple C is such a classy ale. The name is derived from the three hops used in the brewing process. Namely, Chinook, Citra and Centennial. This tasty triumvirate giving you an onslaught of fruity, citrusy flavours and a subtle floral note. Refreshing and robust at 5.3% - it's a tasty treat.

We head north to Iceland, for the second selection. The 
Einstok Icelandic White Ale is a bottled conditioned, brewing masterpiece. A witbier(wheat beer) style 
beverage.It has a citrus aroma and the complex flavours you come to expect from a witbier. Lemon and oranges are in 
charge, that gives it zest and plenty of oomph! The coriander that is used, giving it a spicy, clean finish.

Of course you cannot conduct a beery tour without a
Always a first class selection of bottled beers at Booths
German nomination. And the Birburger Premium Pils is a
quality quaff.A light,straw coloured beer. It is so refreshing 
and dry.A tad citrusy on the palate, with a moderate bitter hopped finish.Easy drinking and full flavoured at 4.8%.

We stay on a light, refreshing theme, as a Czech Pilsner is introduced. Let's face it, such a slurp has to be included. 
Flat Cap Otto has a light carbonation and pale golden body.For me, it had an aroma of cooked carrots. Certainly no herbal aroma - as defined in the tasting notes. It had a pleasantly floral and spicy flavour, that lead to a crisp and dry bitter finish. An average 4% pilsner in all honesty.

Next, we stop off at a small, independent and award winning brewery, in Cumbria. Stringers brew exceptional ale. And thankfully their tasty tipples are always on the 
shelves at Booths. Yellow Lorry at 4% is a golden ale. It has bags of bitterness and orange zest flavours. Some malt is detected and it has a most impressive long, dry finish.Another thumbs up for Stringers.

Finally, the tour terminates back in the South West of England, in the village of Pilton, Somerset. Yes, you've guessed it, a cider to round off my six slurps. It's a must selection for cider "connoisseur's." A refreshingly fruity, medium dry,bottle conditioned cider. It is certainly what I would describe as a champagne cider - it's that flavoursome. Exceptional cloudy cider - it tastes as good as it looks.

Well,there were just some of the tasty tipples you may want to try, when sauntering down the beer and cider aisle. Six to contemplate when making your selection. Happy hunting and do not be drinking this sextuple of slurps all at once - if you do indeed, concur with my recommendations.