Sunday, 28 December 2014


It's always at this time of year, that I'm obliged to ascend to my soapbox, in response to the self opinionated and sanctimonious comments made by Alcohol Concern.

They are at it again, with their self righteous attitude. Telling us responsible drinkers there should be less outlets for the sale of alcohol and a minimum price of 50p a unit . Oh, and that we all should abstain from alcohol in the month of January.

This obstinate group are obsessed with clinging stubbornly to 
their own opinions. Always fearful of marginalising a section of the general public, that have a genuine alcohol problem. 

It's always the 'easy fix' that would punish the responsible drinker. They bleat on, giving us the impression that we all have a drink problem. That we have all drunk so excessively over the festive period, that we should all 'en bloc', be abstaining from alcohol for the next thirty one days.

Now, there is nowt wrong with partaking in the 'Dry January' 
exercise. Especially, if it's for a worthy cause. It's the way that these anti-alcohol groups promote it, in their mealy-mouthed and condescending manner.

They are never fair minded, no argument. They strive to make us all feel guilty and pile the pressure on us to behave in an equally selfless way.

Do they ever mention that it's fine to drink in moderation - and responsibly? No, as they are obsessed with their blinkered and myopic squealing on alcohol. Having scant regard for you and me, who love to enjoy a drink down the boozer and in the comfort of our own home.

There will be some who will not concur with the above narrative - and that's fine. However, I am sure the vast majority reading this, will understand my continuing frustration, hearing all this "moral smugness", from this band of do-gooders and deviant "rule breakers".