Wednesday, 14 January 2015

STRUTH! Fosters climb aboard the "craft beer" bandwagon!

Well, knock me down with a feather! Our Aussie buddies have climbed aboard the "craft beer" bandwagon.

I have to say it raised a titter. Surely beer drinkers will not be duped by this devious, unscrupulous, piece of marketing - will they? 

I think it's pretty pathetic trying to hoodwink the beery masses, by using the fixed flip top. A top that is more commonly used by many quality beer brewers, around the world.

But, hang on, they state it's from a land down under. Is some of it not brewed in the UK? Will always stand corrected. 

And as for the 'Artisan Australian late hopped lager' boast on the labelling - struth! Artisan? FFSF's! Oh sorry, 'artisan' always sounds impressive. However, not when you use it!

So the 'dingo piss' has been packaged in a pretty shaped bottle, with a fancy flip top. Throw in 'craft' and 'artisan' into the mix, and you have a winner - job done! "Arr, you little ripper!"

What a joke! Artisanal and craft beer my arse!


  1. Please tell me this is an early April Fools!

  2. It's part of (an admittedly confusing) project by an online marketing company, not something official. There are also similar designs for Budweiser and Carlsberg.