Thursday, 5 February 2015

CAMRA, was this your Gerald Ratner moment?

I'm sure lots of you are pretty gobsmacked by the recent CAMRA award, bestowed upon the MP for Burton, Andrew Griffiths.

I honestly thought that this was a wind up - a piss take! Had CAMRA actually made the 'honourable' member for Burton, Parliamentarian of the Year?

The man is in the pocket of the Pubco's, for Gods sake! He has opposed all the reform in parliament - hasn't he? He is emphatically against CAMRA's support of planning reform for UK boozers. He is undoubtably against a 'FairDeal4Locals'. But hang on, CAMRA is most supportive of this - a KEY member!

Have to say that you are simply out of touch at St Albans Towers. Think how your members are reacting to this. In particular, the hardworking activists who give up so much of their time. The type that organise and run beer festivals for example. 

How many were on the short list? Surely, Greg Mulholland was head and shoulders above your Pubco puppet selection. The selection was a regressive move in the extreme. It's understandably caused outrage amongst YOUR members.

Hopefully, this will not have been your Gerald Ratner moment - 'Doing a Ratner' one might say. And cause a haemorrhage in the membership figures - a figure that has been steadily rising.

What a bonkers decision you have made. Griffiths shouldn't have even been considered! Maybe it will have been your Gerald Ratner moment!