Tuesday, 24 March 2015


This is the sorry state outside the Tim Bobbin in Burnley. Owner, Sam Smiths, promised external and internal improvements, many months ago. Haven't been in for yonks - and have no intentions of doing so, if the exterior is anything to go by. The doorway looked in a sorry state, with its cracked and missing tiles. Paint had peeĊ‚ed off all of its windows. And the stonework was in desperate need of a power wash. People I have spoken to have said its run down and scruffy internally.

This is a shame, if true, as it is in stark contrast to the Red Lion in Colne. I reviewed that boozer for the Lancashire Telegraph. It was superb internally. It also looked very impressive on the high street.

There are some wonderfully presented Sam Smiths pubs. However, this is not one. Very frustrating that they have let the Tim Bobbin get in to such a poor state - especially after promising to make improvements