Thursday, 7 May 2015


Mild Month:
Credit where credit is due: It is generally known that I have a love-hate relationship with CAMRA. I sometimes want to chuck 'em all off a cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch 'em.
Some of their dated opinions and behaviour does frustrate me. Their reluctance to move with the times, has me feeling quite exasperated.
However, one thing I full appreciate and admire, is their contribution in kick-starting the ever increasing demand for Mild beer.

Let's face it, Mild was on its arse only a few years ago.
There would be more chance of seeing Lord Lucan walking into your local, carrying a Dodo. Than witnessing a mild on the bar!

CAMRA recognised this - and decided to do something about it.
Their Mild Month in May, has been a great success, over the last few years. And with the great response and help of brewers, nationally, mild is now very much a regular sight in our pubs and clubs.
It's no longer an old codgers slurp. The jokes are in decline - I think.
Well done CAMRA activists for the part you are playing in the resurgence of mild beer. I'm more than happy to redress the balance - from time to time. smile emoticon