Monday, 11 May 2015


This week I ascend to my soapbox, in order to do some tub-thumping, in support of a very worthy promotion. Yes, the month of May is 'Mild Month'. Where CAMRA(Campaign for Real Ale) encourages pubs, nationally, to stock at least one Mild during May.

This flavoursome beverage is no longer deemed an old codgers tipple. A beer that used to be so rare, you would have more chance of seeing Lord Lucan walking into your local, carrying a Dodo, than witnessing it on the bar.

No, its popularity is very much in the ascendency now. Mainly due to CAMRA's successful promotion in recent years - and to the brewers, who have responded magnificently in producing an eclectic range of tastes, to tempt the taste buds.

So, what will be out there in your local watering holes this month? What brands will appeal to the beer 'connoisseurs' in your locality? Well, let me give you an idea of what I will be hunting down, by recommending a tasty triumvirate, to tingle the taste buds, in my area in East Lancashire.

I have identified a trio that will available in many of my areas drinking dens and beyond. So let's commence with a mild, that in my opinion, kick started its popularity, back in 2000,by becoming Champion Beer of Britain. Namely, Moorhouse's Black Cat Mild.

It has a delightful roasted malt and coffee aroma. Deep mahogany in colour, with a light tan, creamy head. Roasted malt , bitter chocolate and a tad vinous in flavour. It's taste is certainly more bolder than the 3.4% suggests. Smooth mouthfeel . Quite simply a quintessential, easy drinking ale - a belting beverage.

The second sumptuous slurp, is officially the World's Best Mild! Thwaites Nutty Black winning this award at the World Beer Awards in 2012 and 2014. Dark brown in colour, with a light tan head. Roasted malt aroma. It's bursting with a variety of flavours. Malty, dark chocolate(Cadbury Bournville), liquorice and nutty flavours are all detected. Pleasant, slightly creamy mouthfeel . A delicious complexity of flavours for a low strength 3.9% ale - class in a glass.

Finally, a mild from Cheshire brewer, Coach House. Gunpowder Mild is a roasted malt and dark fruit flavoured delight. Raisins and prunes detected, along with a light toffee note. Moderate dry bitterness. A classy, easy drinking mild. Tastes a tad stronger than the 3.8 ABV suggests. Growing in popularity, throughout the region. So popular, it has replaced the Guinness at the award-winning Hare and Hounds, in Padiham. Who would have thought that a year or two ago - enough said.

I'm sure Mild Month, once again, will be a successful campaign by CAMRA. In fact, consumption of this dark delight will, in my opinion, continue to increase in all the months ahead. As it becomes a more regular feature on the beer menu.

Enjoy your Mild tasting - you know it makes sense.....cheers!