Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Pictish Brewery, Alchemists Ale:

It's always a pleasant surprise to see a beer from Rochdale brewer, Pictish . They brew ales, that in my opinion, have a touch of class. I suppose you could say, in a Premier League of brewers - in my opinion.

One of their tasty tipples, Alchemists Ale, was on the bar at the weekend, at a local boozer. It is appropriately named - a magical slurp.

This golden ale, is floral, citrusy and robustly hopped. Flavoursome and refreshing in the extreme. It was in superb condition at Katy Kelly's in Padiham, East Lancs.

Unfortunately, Pictish beers are a rare species in East Lancashire. Thankfully, they are a permanent, rotating fixture on the bar, at this Padiham watering hole. :-)