Wednesday, 9 September 2015


We all bang on about the true description of a 'craft' brewer. Well, I met my idea of one, today. Carmelo( pictured below), is passionate about beer. He brews from a tiny microbrewery, at the rear of Nino's Italian restaurant, in Cliviger,on the outskirts of Burnley. Just ten firkins( 72 pints) a week are brewed. Half of which are consumed in the restaurant . The remainder are sold to the free trade.
His beers are exceptional, and brewed with a passion.
He has kindly brewed a beer for me. And it will be available at a beer festival, where I have been asked to select all the beers.
I went to check on progress today. It was second day of fermentation - the aroma smelt awesome. Just what I wanted. Tropical fruits, a tad grassy and a hint of citrus. It will be a classy, robust pale ale, at 4.5%. I have named it Cliviger Clout. Cliviger being the village where the brewery is situated.
Carmelo is also planning a Spaghetti Stout - it will be strong! Spaghetti water will be used in the brewing process. He is currently waiting for red wine cask barrels, being delivered from the Napa Valley. They will arrive via the White Rose Cooperage, in Wetherby, North Yorkshire.
He likes to experiment. And thought the name would go down well, in the Italian restaurant.
Cannot reveal more details!
Carmelo is undoubtably an artisan brewer - a craftsman. He brews craft beer, no argument.