Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Just a short video, I was 'encouraged' to partake in. Nowt like a touch of impulse!
The ale in this town centre bar is exceptional. Six rotating cask beers. And a fine selection of bottled beers.
It also represents great value. £2.25 a pint. Mind you, one cannot satisfy everyone. One 'customer' was having a moan at being charged £1.20 for a half! Now, if it had been £3.50 a pint - and being charged two quid for a half - then fair enough.
But firkin hell, get a life! If it had been £2.40 a pint, there wouldn't have been a whinge!

Totally unrehearsed! A Paul Edmondson production at the New Brew-m, Burnley. The towns latest watering hole.

I hope you can view the footage? There was an initial problem on my laptop. Think it's sorted .