Friday, 25 September 2015

TO RAZE OR CONVERT? That is the question...

I don't usually post twice in two days. However, I felt obliged to relay this sad state of affairs, to all that are passionate about the welfare of our traditional pubs.
The Punch Bowl Inn, Blackburn :
I do accept that in some cases, a local hostelry becomes unsustainable. However, what perplexes me, is an attractive pub being reduced to rubble.
The Punch Bowl was closed in March, when the popular landlady, Jean, decided to retire. After spending four happy years there.
Owners Thwaites, closed the pub - and it never reopened.
It was sold to a housing developer. Who then decided to raze it, rather than convert it.
The bulldozer did its job three days ago.
Okay, it may have been unsustainable; but still sad to see it demolished, and erased from the landscape forever.
As Tommy Cooper would no doubt have said: "Now you see it. Now you don't ! The pub has gone, just like that."
RIP Punch Bowl Inn, Blackburn. frown emoticon