Thursday, 22 October 2015


Beers from the wood is obviously in the ascendancy. Both me and my brewing amigo, Carmelo Pillitteri, from the Fighting Cocks Brewhouse, Burnley, recently visited the White Rose Cooperage in Wetherby, North Yorkshire. 
We met the legend, and master cooper, Alistair Simms. Alistair is the last remaining master cooper in the UK. 
His artisanal skills are so much in demand, he had been working over 90 hours a week, in order to cope with the orders for his oak casks.
He has now got himself an assistant cooper - and there are plans to employ an apprentice.
Alistair said: " I had been working up to 96 hours a week. It had become seven days a week. Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest but it had become a distant memory."
This is true craftsman - an artisan.
We also picked up some wooden casks from The Junction, Castleford on our visit to Yorkshire. All cask ales are served from the wood here.
Neil, the owner and landlord had opened the pub early for us. His cask ales from the wood are exceptional.
Carmelo intends to serve up some beer from the wood too, at his Fighting Cocks Brewhouse in Cliviger,Burnley. Another craftsman - an artisan brewer.
I will keep you updated on the beers. wink emoticon