Monday, 26 October 2015

Is it time to change our attitude on keg?

To some of the more mature beery brethren, the title above may cause raised eyebrows, shaking of ones head - or even accusations of heresy.

However, is 'keg' such a 'bad' word in 2015? It certainly was in the seventies eighties, when the big brewers were trying to force crappy keg beer down our throats. Cheaper ingredients, longer shelf life and lower production costs were paramount - and bollocks to the taste and quality.

However, times have changed considerably. Keg beers are now unrecognisable to beers from the 'bad era'. Now, you indetify a plethora of flavours, from the quality hops and grains that are used in the brewing process.

They are now witnessed in the majority of town and city bars, as the younger generation in particular, are finally realising there is a world of difference between tasteless Carling and tasty craft.

Okay, I Iove cask conditioned beer - there's nothing quite like it. However, I always despair when some folk are critical of me having the odd craft keg beer - or even, God forbid, a wheat beer!

Some of the older generation still seem entrenched in the 'dark era' of crappy keg. And there is a certain nevousness - even a shudder, a shake of the head - and the commen response: "that beer is shite."When the 'swear' word is raised.

This attitude to keg, well, craft keg, is no longer valid, in my opinion. We have to embrace the keg revolution - to a degree.

I'm not saying recommend it over cask - I would never advocate that. Just appreciate that there is now some tasty kegs on offer - even if it's not agreeable to your palate. 

Come on, show craft keg a little respect. What is the point saying: "load of shite!" No beer is shite, if it's well kept - and has quality ingredients. I politely say: "it's not to my taste." Although some of it is to my taste.

I am sure beer 'connoisseurs' who read my scribblings will agree, there ain't many around who do more to promote the beverage that is, cask conditioned beer. 

However, I fear I may have alienated one or two beery 'traditionalists' with the above narrative. 

But hey-ho, I respect a passionate and a fervent view - even if I believe in this case, that some keg beer attitudes are now outdated and entrenched. 

Hopefully, they will show the same respect for my take on present day craft keg beer. 

Let's face it, we have to move with the times. We cannot harbour all our pre- nineties opinions of shitty keg beer.  

Unfortunately and despairingly some groups still do. And surely they risk withering on the vine. Slowly and gradually destroying themselves in the process.