Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BrewDog: I would like to pose a few questions on taste.

Have you ever encountered a strange drinking experience, in relation to taste. I am sure some of you have. Well, I experienced one recently. So, permit me to share it with you.

I am a fan of BrewDog beers. Okay, it's not everyone's favoured potion. However, their hop laden, robust beers, bursting with citrus flavours, are most certainly to my liking. And I found it most opportune the other night, to crack open a couple of Punk IPA's, whilst viewing the footy.

 I find it a most flavoursome, golden beer. Lots going on. Complex, well balanced, robust. Citrus in charge all the way. Well, some spice and floral notes hanging about - and of course, a long bitter hopped finish and aftertaste.

First half underway, first BrewDog Punk IPA. Mmmm, not bad. However, is it losing a little of its flavoursome clout? Nah, it will most likely be the chilli I've just scoffed, that will be masking a little of its flavours.

So, first one consumed. Time to commence quaffing t'other, to coincide with the second half of the football. Hang on, this doesn't quite taste the same - and I can't really explain why. Was it the body? Was it as hoppy as the first one? Surely, it's from the same batch. Quite drinkable but, summat did not add up here - and I was a bit flummoxed!

It was all quite bizarre. All did not seem quite right. 

So, I pose the questions: Have you had a similar tasting experience? Have BrewDog lost a little of its flavoursome clout(remember I blamed the chilli)? I know there can be subtle differences in flavour but, this was a strange experience - and had to relay the message.

Maybe the plethora of superb craft microbreweries, that have evolved, have put a dent in BrewDog's appeal. It may be that it ain't as rebellious as it once was. 

Well, let's face it, many of us used to think Hobgoblin was a premier slurp, not so long ago. Now, it's just rated as an average beverage. Having been shunted into the sidings, by a plethora of tasty tongue tinglers.

So, is this 'popular' produced beverage, namely, Punk IPA, drowning in a sea of exciting new craft beers? I have to say that there are quite a few in Manchester alone, that appear to have more flavoursome qualities and clout. Cloudwater, Seven Brothers, Blackjack, Squawk Brewing, Marble - are just a few in this area!

So, have I raised a few valid points? Do you generally concur with the above narrative? I would really appreciate your feedback. 

Maybe I'm going a tad bonkers. No, rewind, don't respond to that suggestion!