Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Why would you want to drink this?

 Can I say at the outset, that this bottle of beer was bought as part of a Christmas gift. So, it was only courteous that I cracked open this bottle of ale - and in the hope I may enjoy it.

To be quite candid, I didn't really expect to enjoy this mass produced beverage - and my expectations were unfortunately confirmed.

Marston's Pedigree, if kept in good condition, is a decent drop on draught, no argument. However, the bottle version is a poor relation in the extreme. It has that prickly mouthfeel and a slightly metallic taste, you find in other similar bottled beers. 

It lacks body, dissipating almost instantly. Similar to a bog standard bottle shandy. Okay, you can identify some caramel malt and a moderate, earthy bitter hopped finish. However, it's that awful prickly mouthfeel that is firmly in charge. 

Why on earth would you buy this beverage? Is it because it's 4.5% and the '3 for a fiver' offer in Tesco, may get you a tad tiddly? 

Bottled Pedigree, Spitfire, Greene King IPA etc. all taste similar to me - below par! Do they to you? A bottled, sub-standard, totally uninspiring triumvirate - in my humble opinion.

There's not much in its favour - or should that be flavour. Would insipid be an unfair adjective, in which to describe it? Perhaps. However, I'm at a loss to why this bland, unappetising, and rather unpalatable quaff, has any appeal.

 It's a poor potion, Marton's - in my opinion. Maybe you should concentrate more on the draught version. And I suspect many will concur with that suggestion.