Thursday, 14 January 2016

Oh dear, I wish I hadn't walked into this pub!

Bloody hell! Do you ever get that negative vibe when you walk into a pub? I'm sure you have experienced it.

 It happened to me last week, when visiting an Admiral Taverns drinking den. Had thirty minutes to kill, before my next train.

It was a pub, where on my last visit, the beer, in all honesty, had been undrinkable. Do I give it a second try? Why not. It may have improved. In all fairness, other Admiral Taverns I have visited, have been well run. And the ale had been in decent nick.

So, I strolled in, and there was a guy at the bar supping a can of Strongbow. Err.. That negative vibe! Another geezer propping up the bar, was giving me an unfriendly glare - and I had smiled, and had said hello!

Lass behind the bar, sat on a stool, on her mobile - and no greeting here too! Four hand pumps but, only one in use - and it was a Christmas ale.

Well, I would never be so rude to walk out. Despite feeling a tad uncomfortable . So, I 'risked' a half. Glad it was only a half.
In was in poor condition - and in no way rewarding!
That wet cardboard taste, that tells you it should already have been chucked.

There was only about five or six patrons in. However, there were still empty glasses on three or four tables. What does that tell you about the enthusiasm of the staff ? Err...not much.

I am loathe to be critical of pubs.  However, this Admiral Taverns experience, was a forgetable one. 󾌹󾮠