Sunday, 10 January 2016

There is a safe limit for alcohol consumption, Dame Sally!

Postcard to Dame Sally Davies: 

Hello Dame Sally,
Maybe I should call you Aunt Sally. As you remind me of the bossy and instructive character in Worzel Gummidge.

Anyway, (Aunt) Sally, I am presently sat in a nice, comfy watering hole, consuming a pint, yes, a full pint of beer. And thought I would relay my reaction on your self-righteous and instructive bleating. Bleating, in relation to what we all should be drinking - or indeed, should not be drinking .

You have taken a moral high ground and stated: " there is no safe limit for alcohol consumption." What a load of old tosh! How do you and your 'advisers' in Whitehall, come to that conclusion?

You cannot, and will not, convince us that a pint of beer or wine equivalent, is harmful. We know that you are under government instructions to relay this nonsense. Do you really think we are so naive?

The comments you made recently on Sky News, were ill conceived - and more importantly, harmful to our great British beer industry.

Why do you and your civil service department, relay this unjust 'instruction', in such a pompous and pontificating manner? Bleating to the vast majority of responsible drinkers, on how we should conduct our drinking habits.

I am sure most will agree, you and your government department should adopt a more uncowardly stance - and highlight the minority of alcohol consumers, as being the root cause, of why you have 
announced these so called 'safe' limits on alcohol consumption.

"What minority?", I hear you ask. The irresponsible boozing minority. The binge drinking brethren - the pre-loaders - the all-day beer-heads!

But no, you group all drinkers together. You don't have the bollocks to start by stating, that it is the heavy and problem alcohol quaffers, that have influenced the 'safe' measure of 14 units a week.

Responsible drinkers know what is a safe consumption to drink. Contrary to your statement. They are the majority that drink in moderation. They certainly do not need this holier-than-thou grandstanding from Whitehall.

Stop this repetitive, tedious and unfair commentary, towards our responsible drinking habits. It's tiresome and embarrassing in the extreme.

I will sign off now - well almost. As I appreciate your time is precious in Whitehall 'Towers' - and you may want to tootle off later for a subsidised glass of wine - only one mind!

So, in conclusion, Dame Sally. Please refrain from targeting decent folk, who only wish to conduct a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption. 

Let's face it, we don't want people describing you as a pretentious socialite, do we.

Regards and best wishes,