Friday, 19 August 2016

Get a life, you killjoys!

I recently came across this statement below. And it really made me titter. As it reminded me of some, 'no life', wearisome neighbours, who live adjacent to a local cricket club.

These residents, on occasion, contact the club to complain about the noise.

'Noise' as in folk enjoying themselves responsibly, at a social event. They even complain about the groundsman(volunteer) playing some music, as he tends the wicket in-between innings.

      ( Ian'Bugsy'Burrows. A tireless worker at the cricket club)

Of course, contact is made by phone - and not in person!

The cricket club is located in a most beautiful setting. And their cask ales from local brewers, are always in fine fettle. The ground is often described as England's finest beer garden.

However, some, I say some, of the residents do not appreciate how fortunate they are living so close to such a fine and attractive facility.

A sporting facility, superbly maintained by volunteers throughout the year. Thus contributing massively to the delightful environment in which they live.