Thursday, 11 August 2016

Why an awards dinner at 95 quid a head?

Maybe a whiff of beer snobbery here?

I have to say I was quite surprised that CAMRA had decided to announce their awards at the 2016 GBBF, via an awards dinner held on Trades Day - and at 95 quid a head!

Blimey, what kind of beer snobbery is this? I'm sure most members will concur with my view. Or will they?

This change in direction was brought to my attention, by a very well respected Brewery . Their brewer/representative had been sneered at by the organiser, over a dress code issue. 

FFS they should be applauding our award-winning Brewers. Not sneering and acting like the fashion police at some  elitist bash.

Why a strict dress code anyway? I thought CAMRA were a broad minded organisation . It appears in this instance, they are being a selective and snobby one. 

What was the dress code? I'm informed someone was there in an open shirt and jeans. So how did they pass the dress code criteria? 

Let's hope CAMRA see sense next year, and scrap this 95 quid a head event. It all appears a tad bonkers in my opinion. Agreed?


  1. Couldn't agree more. I don't pay my membership fee (which helps pay the permanent staff's salaries) so that they can can organise penguin dinners in flashy hotels. I saw the brewer's tweet and concur fully.

  2. I will make a prediction. This 'elitist' bash will be jettisoned next year. If I'm wrong , I will hold my hand up. As I always do.

  3. "Broadminded organisation"? Ha! Bunch of Brexit voting, UKIP loving, misogynistic dinosaurs more like!

    The same bunch of flatulent, socks-and-sandals wearing twig quaffers who think Boris Johnson would be their ideal pub landlord, closely followed by Britain's answer to Mussolini, Nigel Farage?

    Do me a favour.