Saturday, 3 September 2016

A whiff of a flawed business model. Agreed?

The news of this pub closure came as a shock to the local newspaper, namely, the Lancashire Telegraph . 

However, was it really a shock? This historic landmark watering hole, in Blackburn town centre, had been like a revolving door for its tenants, in recent times.

The last tenants were given a three month trial. Sadly, it didn't work out. Possibly their landlords had put some unworkable conditions in their lease.

I visited the pub about six months ago. Alarm bells were ringing then.

 It looked tired and rundown. No greeting. Person manning the bar, on their mobile. And beer with that papery taste, that told you it was past its sell by date - as it was in the previous two visits!

Admiral Taverns need to flog this pub pronto. Their business plan here, is obviously flawed. 

Sell it to someone who has some passion and belief. Someone with vision, who can hopefully save the Adelphi Hotel from being another addition to the pubs closed figures.

Admiral Taverns state it will only be a temporary closure. They are seeking another tenant. 

Alas, I fear if this pub company remain in ownership, this town centre hostelry is destined for an uncertain future.

Let's hope my fears will not be realised. As it is a most attractive and historic landmark.