Friday, 16 September 2016

Waen Brewery will be sadly missed.

Genuinely stunned and saddened by the recent closure of the multi award-winning Waen Brewery, from Mid-Wales. 

Owner,Sue Hayward, is a most talented and innovative brewer. Her brews will be missed - and she will be too!

A recent prestigious award for Sue and her team.

Pamplemousse, Blackberry Stout and Chilli Plum Porter were among my favourites. Their beers had something special about them. I always hunted them down at the many beer festivals in my region.

Blackberry Stout was my introduction to Waen Brewery beers

It does raise the question that there is perhaps too much inferior and cheaper beer flooding the market. And that some quality breweries are being squeezed out of the industry by inferior beer being flogged to pubs, for less than they can produce it for! Agreed?

I'm sure Sue's innovative and fine brewing skills will be very much in demand. And I will look forward to her first collaboration beer.

I wish Sue all the very best in the future. And hope that some of her stellar beers will be saved and brewed elsewhere.