Monday, 28 November 2016


Northern Monk, Imperial Whisky Smoked Honey Porter.

It may surprise one or two of you that I am reviewing a beer out of a can. However, after tasting this delicious imperial stout from the Leeds based brewer. I had to tell you all about it.

It was one of ten beers I had delivered from the Imperial Beer Club. And as soon as I had cracked open the can, I knew it was going to be a beer with the wow factor.

A honey sweet and whisky aroma greets you. It pours black with a creamy beige head. And leads to a delicious melody of flavours. Smokey whisky, rich caramel, honey and a hint of burnt treacle, balance beautifully. 

It's a silky smooth, deeply rich and creamy delight. A full flavoured, boozy beverage. I've never tasted an imperial stout like it - and I've tasted a few! It was a sensational slurp.

Finally, if you are drinking this stout sitting down. Make sure you arise slowly. It's 10% ABV may have given you a bit of a wobble.

More information on Imperial Beer Club can be found at:

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